Part No. Description Unit Of Measure Availability Remarks
51DRF56B DYNEEMA ROPE 6mtr x 4.9mm SNAP EACH Available  
51DRF675B DYNEEMA ROPE 7.5mtr x 6mm SNAP EACH Available  
51DRS46B DYNEEMA ROPE 6mtr x 4mm 'S' HOOK EACH Available  
51SF56B WINCH STRAP 6mtr x 50mm SNAP HOOK EACH Available  
51SF6575B WINCH STRAP 7.5mtr x 65mm SNAP HOOK EACH Available  
51SS545B WINCH STRAP 4.5mtr x 50mm 'S' HOOK EACH Low  
51W115125W BOAT WINCH 1150kg 12-1/5-1/1-1 EACH Available  
51W273C BOAT WINCH 275kg 3-1 W/CABLE EACH Low  
51W273W BOAT WINCH 275kg 3-1 EACH Available  
51W654W BOAT WINCH 650kg 4-1 EACH Available  
51W905W BOAT WINCH 900kg 5-1/1-1 EACH Available  
51WH210B SNAP ON WINCH HANDLE W905, W115125 EACH Available  
51WPC100 WINCH POST CAP 100mm x 50mm EACH Out of Stock  
51WPC50 WINCH POST CAP 50mm x 50mm EACH Out of Stock  
51WXO45S WINCH 4500LB (2041kg) EACH Out of Stock  
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