Weather Shields

Part No. Description Unit of Measure Remarks
59R95D USE 29M130WD each  
59R95P USE 29M130WP each  
59R48D USE 29N130WD each  
59R48P USE 29N130WP each  
59B113D USE 29N170WD each  
59B113P USE 29N170WP each  
59B130P USE 55AWS905P each  
59R81D USE H155WD each  
59R81P USE H155WP each  
59R71P USE T175WP each  
29M215WD W/SHELD LANCER CJ Sedan each  
59B88D W/SHIELD 1997 TOWNACE SBV each  
59B88P W/SHIELD 1997 TOWNACE SBV each  
59B151D W/SHIELD 2009 FORD F350 each  
29T155WD W/SHIELD 4RUNNER 4dr w/o quar glass each  
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